Meet the team

Governing Body
D J C Theart
J Hendricks
R Viljoen
Finance / Chairperson of Finance Sub-Committee
NH Marais
Maintenance / Chairperson of Maintenance Sub-Committee
MJ Scholtz
Human Resources / Chairperson of Human Resources Sub-Committee
HS Spies
Chairperson of Marketing & Funding Sub-Committee
A de Vries
Additional members

Our Governing Body

From left to right: Roelof Viljoen (newly elected governing body member: Finance), Stephan Spies (marketing), Gielie Scholtz (Human Resources), Riaan Broodryk (retired after 20 years, Finance), Erik Marais (Asset management) en Wikus Naude (Human Resources). Front row: Danie Theart (Chairman), Adam de Vries (Addisional) and Jan Hendricks (vice chairman)

Management Team
R Scholtz
Carin van der Merwe
Professional Services Manager
Reagan September
Logistics Manager
Raymond Driescher
Finance & Administration Manager
Karen Petersen
Marketing & Funding Manager

Manager: Regardo Scholtz


Our Team