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House Andrew Murray is a Dutch Reformed Church / United Reformed Church institution with a Christian-based world and life outlook on the caring and developing of 150 children in need. This is done through mentoring and couching of socially acceptable behaviour based on a religious, educational, physical, social and psychological process, executed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts. The children are equipped to skilfully manage the difficult tasks of life and to fulfil their duty as responsible and law-abiding citizens.


In terms of Regulation 75 (2) of the Children's Act 38 of 2005, programmes implemented at Child and Youth Care Centres must be approved by the Provincial Head of Social Development. The HOD has authorised the Director: Facility Management and Inspectorate, Ms L Goosen as a suitably qualified person to assess and approve the programmes of CYCC's in the Western Cape (refer to section 191 (4) (a) and (b)).

1. Therapeutic Programmes
1.1 Developmental Assessment
1.2 Individual Counselling
1.3 Grief Counselling
1.4 Psycho-social support
1.5 Trauma Counselling
1.6 Play Therapy
1.7 Behaviour Modification
1.8 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
1.9 Conflict Resolution
1.10 Anger Management
1.11 Substance Dependency and Prevention
1.12 Occupational Therapy
2. Developmental Programmes
2.1 Victim Empowerment – Middle Childhood
2.2 Victim Empowerment – Adolescence
2.3 Theft
2.4 Bullying
2.5 Emotional Intelligence – Teenagers
2.6 Emotional Intelligence – Primary School
2.7 HIV/Aids Prevention
2.8 Rights and Responsibilities of children's
2.9 Independent Living
2.10 Independent Living- School leavers
2.11 Income Generating Activities
2.12 Early Childhood Development
2.13 Preparation for secondary school
2.14 Substance Dependency and Prevention
3. Sport and Recreational Programmes
3.1 Sport and Recreational 3.2 Choir/Singing 3.3 Drama and Dancing 3.4 Board Games
Please contact our Professional Services Manager at 021 873 3834 should you need more information on our programmes.